MUST WIND – Automatic Weather Monitoring System


  • Plug and Play – Easy setup and operation
  • From 60-sec Data update(configurable)
  • Ambient Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • Wind Speed and Direction sensor
  • Rain gauge with day, week,month
  • Solar Radiation sensor Built-in data logging for 10000 readings
  • Sloar powered device
  • Battery life 15 days with one Recharge
  • Built-in micro SD card(supports up to 32GB)

Download Datasheet: MUST_Wind

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Our MUST WIND device called Automatic Weather Monitoring station, which collects data related to the weather parameters and environment using many different sensors.

MUST WIND has a facility that automatically transmits the recorded observations obtained from measuring instruments. Measurements of meteorological elements are converted into electrical signals through sensors. The resulting information is finally transmitted the by wire or radio or automatically stored on a recording medium.