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The DIKSUCHI 4 – MANPACK Antenna control unit (ACU) is a miniature SATCOM terminal. It should be highly compact and light weight and suitable for outdoor harsh environment. DIKSUCHI-4 has user friendly GUI and algorithms which will provide capability to point antenna to a desired Geostationary satellite all over India with high accuracy. The Antenna control unit also has the capability to store at least 20 satellite data.

DIKSUCHI-4 is having an integrated Satellite Modem, Satellite Beacon Receiver, Rugged 7” Panel PC with capacitive Touch PSU, 8 port Ethernet switch and GNSS Receiver (Optional) . We will also provide External 3D Compass, IMU and Inclinometer, Mating Cable assemblies as an optional Accessories along.

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System Specifications
Mechanical Specifications
Electrical Specifications
Environmental Specifications As per Jss55555 Panel PC

Key Features

Compact design with built in Controller Unit and Modem Unit

Intel i3 Panel PC with 7" Capacitive touch Display

Built in Satellite Beacon Receiver

Built in 8 port Ethernet Switch

Rugged Construction to meet MIL Standards

USB / Ethernet / RS232 / R485 Connectivity

Connector for External Sensor Interface

Connector for External PC / BUC / M&C / Modem Interface

Complied to MIL 461 - F & MIL 810 - G

Ordering Guide
Ordering Guide

Main Functions Of Antenna Control Unit Are

Antenna control unit will Displays Satellite target angle & mount current position (wrt Azimuth, Elevation and Polarization and Beacon strength value (in dBm) and status of sub modules like as controller card, modem and BUC etc.

Controller Unit will interface with LNB for receiving input RF signal and provide 18 VDC voltages to the LNB and it will also interface with Modem unit for RF transmission.

Controller Unit will interface with GPS, 3D digital Compass and inclinometers and external Laptop for M&C through LAN.

Modem unit will provide 48 VDC or 24 VDC voltages to BUC.

Antenna control unit will also provide internal temperature status on the GUI. the Ant