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Diksuchi Lite

Diksuchi Lite

DIKSUCHI LITE is intended to be used with a miniature SATCOM terminal. DIKSUCHI LITE is compact, lightweight and suitable for outdoor harsh environment including high altitudes. The controller has a provision to store data for at least 50 satellites. The unit will have a provision of selecting desired satellite using keypad and capable of displaying the selected satellite look angles. The unit is capable to analyse the incoming RF signal and determine its signal strength and provide look angles of desired Geo-stationary satellite with high accuracy.

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RF Receiver
EMC Specifications as per MIL STD461E/F
Environmental Specifications as per JSS55555
Diksuchi Lite

Key Features

Sealed, rugged aluminium case with backlit keypad and MIL-spec connectors.


Ground Application

Module Specifififications

Electrical Specification

Power supply: +24V, 2A

Operating temperature : -40 to +85 °C

Technical Specification