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GPS Glonass Antenna

GPS Glonass Antenna

The V3N-A057 features a dual-feed wideband patch element, with a two stage Low Noise Amplifier, comprised of one input LNA per feed, a mid section SAW to filter the combined output, and a final output gain stage. This configuration provides excellent axial ratio that is constant across the full frequency band. An optional tight pre-filter is available with part number V3N-A057 to protect against saturation by high level sub-harmonics and L-Band signals.

The V3N-A057 is housed in a compact, industrial-grade weather-proof, magnet mount enclosure, and is available with a variety of connectors and cable lengths. The antenna can be ordered without the magnet. In such cases, the magnet is replaced with a plastic plug to provide a smooth under surface.

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Great axial ratio : ≤ 1 dB typ. 3 db max.

Low noise LNA : 1.0dB typ.

LNA gain : 48+/-2 dB typ.

Low current : 20 ~ 40 mA typ.

Wide voltage input range : 2.2 to 5 VDC

IP67 weather proof housing

GPS L1 1575.42 ± 1MHz


AIS Approved Vehicle tracking system

Precision Agriculture, Mining & Construction

Military & Security

Dashboard Manufacturer

Law Enforcement & Public Safety

Fleet Management & Asset Tracking


Excellent multipath rejection

Increased system accuracy

Excellent signal to noise ratio

Great out of band signal rejection

Ideal for harsh environments

RoHS compliant

Antenna Specifications

Antenna Specifications

LNA Information

LNA Information

Mechanical And Environmental

Mechanical And Environmental