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The new GNSS Constellation SDR RF Signal Generator

The new GNSS Constellation SDR RF Signal Generator

  • Multi GNSS Platform - Supporting GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou, SBAS and all L- / S-Band signals
  • Flexible Capability Licensing - Extend your GNSS capabilities by simple SW licensing.
  • Scalable Signal Channels - Scalable from 8 to 160 accoridng to your needs.

Sx3 GNSS Software Receiver

Beyond Signal Processing

Real-time capable Multi GNSS Software Receiver

Supports all L-band RF frequencies. Simultaneously

The SX3 is a modular multi-GNSS software receiver, with superior exibility and performance.Whether processing the RF front-end data stream in real-time or post-processing of IF samples from storage, the SX3 masters them all.

Sx3 GNSS Software Receiver