Fuel Level Sensor

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  • Suitable for use with Fuels, Oils or Bio-Fuels
  • Solid-State capacitive Technology
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • SAE 6-Bolt Flange mount
  • 0‐5V Analog Output
  • RS232 and isolated RS485 interface
  • ‐40⁰C to +85⁰C operating temperature
  • Factory / Field Calibrated
  • Available up to 2500mm long


Download Datasheet: Fuel Sensor

Available on backorder

Per Unit upto 1500mm Length


The fuel level sensor features SAE6 bolt flange

mount with fully integrated electronics.

The sensor utilizes capacitive technology with

no moving paths to accurately detect levels of

fuel, oil, biofuels, and other liquids.

The sensor offers analog output (0 – 5V DC),

R5232/RS485 Outputs.

The sensor can be customized at the factory or at Site

to the required length and calibrated using the

simple PC tool on R5232/RS485.