GPS Repeater

Our GNSS Re-radiator solution will solve your indoor GPS problems to test GPS or GNSS Based devices at R&D, testing or production floors.
We are creating a virtual sky to test GPS functionality deep indoor.

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GNSS Re-Radiator operates by receiving GPS/GLONASS/Beidou2/IRNSS satellite signals with an antenna located at the Roof top outside of the building (To open Sky view), with Lightning Protector and In-line amplifier, which is used to Protect Co-axial cable and Boost the signal strength, Received signals send to the GNSS Re-Radiator, Re-Radiator Amplified Signals and Split into different Channel using Splitter (ex.1/4/8/16/32/64 channels).
Using LMR 240 cable up to 40 meter length, Each channel can transmit with same signal strength through Different Passive antenna which can cover around 5~10 meter Radius.