Miniature Rubidium Oscillator

A miniature, low cost, rubidium oscillator that maintains the high frequency & time accuracy required for demanding applications.

  • Very low cost, high performance reference
  • Fits 1U case
  • Low failure risk
  • Simple systems integration

Datasheet: E10- MRO

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The E10-MRO is a compact cost effective Miniature Rubidium Oscillator Frequency Standard that maintains the high time and frequency accuracy demanded in applications such as telecoms, aviation, nautical and precision test and measurement.

  • RS232 Interface
  • Low phase noise to -165dBc/Hz option
  • Ageing: 5 x 10-10/year
  • Stability 5 x 10-12/year
  • 2 year warranty
  • 10MHz Outpu