TW5340 Single Band GNSS Smart Antenna

The TW5340 is a smart antenna employing Tallysman’s unique Accutenna® technology, covering GPS/QZSS L1, GLONASS G1, as well as SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS).

  • Multi-Constellation Receiver/Antenna
  • 32 Channel simultaneous operation
  • High performance tracking (-162 dBm)
  • WAAS, EGNOS, & MSAS enabled
  • 3 NMEA 0183 output Lists
  • Navigation rates 1 to 10 Hz
  • 1 PPS & NMEA configurable RS422 outputs

Datasheet: TW5340-Datasheet

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Ideal for use in professional grade applications such as precision timing, network synchronization, low current applications, and tracking/positioning applications, the TW5340 provides excellent rejection of multi-path signal interference across the whole GNSS band, making the TW5340 the most precise smart antenna in its size, across all operating environments.

Embedded in the TW5340 smart antenna is the state-of-the-art ST STA8088 receiver, which provides 32 high sensitivity tracking channels plus 2 fast acquisition channels which can be assigned to acquire and track GPS/QZSS, GLONASS, SBAS signals simultaneously.

The TW5340 accelerates GPS positioning by predicting satellite ephemeris data based on previous observations, resulting in extremely fast Time-To-First-Fix.

The TW5340 can be configured to outputs up to three NMEA 0183 message lists with navigation update rates up to 10Hz. RS232, and CMOS interfaces are available with input voltage options of 3,3V, 5.0V and 12V to 36V with over voltage protection.

A standard one pulse-per-second 1PPS synchronized to UTC time is available as a single ended output or as a differential output at RS422 levels. NMEA data can also be configured to output at RS422 levels, however the 1PPS output is disabled in this mode.

The TW5340 is housed in a permanent mount industrial grade weather-proof enclosure, available in conical or flat radome styles. Two options for pole mounting are available an L-Bracket or a Pipe Mount.

A non-magnetic version is available. (TW5341)

A 12V-36V/RS232 version is also available, which is designed for vehicle tracking applications. (TW5342)