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Navic GNSS Receiver

Navic GNSS Receiver

The V3-NavIC-01 is a satellite navigation receiver capable of using L5 & S Band of NavIC and GPS / GAGAN, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou signal to provide 3D navigation in a single compact SMD module.

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Supported GNSS Signals
L1 L2 l5 L1 L2 E1 E5b E5a B1 B2 L5 S
Master + +/- or -/+ + + + +/- or -/+ + + + +
Master + -         - + - + - - + - - -
Measurement Precision
Precision, RMS Notes
C/A pseudoranges 20 Smoothed pseudoranges
L1, L2 carrier phase 0.8
Positioning Modes and Accuracy
Accuracy, RMS Units
Plane Vertical
Autonomous Standalone 1.5 2.1 m Depends on atmospheric conditions, satellite visibility and geometry, multipath conditions, GNSS antenna
DGPS 0.8 1.1 m GPS+SBAS
Differential CDDIFF 0.6 0.85 m Accuracy depends on the baseline length.
FLOAT 0.5 0.75 m
FIX 5+0.5ppm 8+1.0ppm mm
Positioning Modes and Accuracy
Heading 0.1 deg Measured on 2 meters antenna baseline
Pitch 0.2 deg
Data update rates
Position, velocity, time Standalone mode 1 Hz no options
Differential mode 10 Hz 1,2,5 Hz available
Heading, pitch 10 Hz
Raw data 20 Hz 1,2,5 10 Hz available
Electro - mech anical characteriscs
Operating temperature, °C -55 to +85      Storage temperature, °C -40 to +80
Supply voltage, V 4.5 to 5.5 Power consumption, W 2
Dimensions (L x W x H], mm 100 x 64 x 25.5 All specifications are at an ambient temperature of 25 °C. Extreme operating temperatures can significantly impact specification values.
Weight, g ‹ 45

Product Features

Support NavIC L5+ S Band , GPS, GAGAN, Beidou, GLONASS

Better than ‐154dBm hot start sensitivity

Better than ‐160dBm tracking sensitivity

Less than 30 second cold start TTFF

~ 1 second hot start

~ 2.5m CEP accuracy

Multipath detection and suppression

Complete receiver in 12mm x 16mm size and EVK Size : 100x64x25.5

Operating temperature ‐40 ~ +85oC

Pb‐free RoHS compliant

Consistent Performance

The V3NavIC - 01 has 56 tracking channels and could track all in‐view satellites. It is fully autonomous such that once power is applied, the receiver automatically searches, acquires and tracks satellite signals. When a sufficient number of satellites are tracked with valid measurements, the receiver produces 3D position and velocity outputs.
NavIC + GPS + GLONASS + BDS satellite capability enables using greater number of satellite signal than GPS‐only receivers. The increased satellite number offers superior performance in challenging urban canyon and multipath environments.
NaVIC L5 + S Band Capability Enables this module to use not only in Industrial, IOT, Asset Tracking but also in many Critical Military applications.

Mechanical Drawing

Signal Performance

Signal Performance