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Safesync Lite

SAFESYNC is a Entry level Time server providessynchronized Time and Frequency output. The unit is configured to provide accurate timing data at designated connectors mounted on the back panel.

This is achieved by using a 72/128 channels multi GNSS Engine. GPS / GLONASS / SBAS / IRNSS receiver which tracks every visible satellite and maintains accurate and reliable time.

While tracking GNSS is accurate to <15 nsecs to UTC. Beyond accurate NTP time stamping,this precision is excellent for generating the standard 1 PPS and 10MHz outputs.

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GNSS Receiver Specifications
Frequency GPS 1575.42 MHz, GLONASS 1598 - 1608 MHz IRNSS-L5,
1176.5MHz, S-Band - 2492.028MHz *
GNSS core 72/128 - channel GNSS engine
BeiDou B1,Galileo E1B/C
GPS + GLONASS Position
Accuracy - Horizonta
< 2.5m CEP
GPS + GLONASS Position
Accuracy - Vertical
< 2.5 m CEP
GPS + GLONASS Velocity
0.05 m/sec RMS
Timing Accuracy of 1PPS < 15 ns RMS with GPS / GLONASS / IRNSS
TTFF Cold Start (without Almanac) : < 30secs
Warm Start (with Almanac, approximate
position and time) : < 26 secs
Hot Start : < 1 sec
Reacquisition : < 1 sec
Message output NMEA / UBX Binary protocol format on RS-232 (Serial)
* Available on Request
Environmental Specifications
Storage Temperature -30°C to +70°C
Operating Temperature -20°C to +55°C
Thermal Shock -20°C for 1 hour and +55°C for 1 hour
Vibration 5-33 Hz, ± 0.125 displacement
Bump Specification Half sine wave, 400 bumps, 40g
CE101, CE102, RE101, RE102, CS101, CS103
CS104, CS106, CS114, CS115, CS116,
RS101, RS103 - 10 V/m (2 MHz to 1 GHz) ;
50 V/m (1 GHz to 18 GHz)
Power Supply Specifications
Power Supply 230 V AC, 50 Hz, ± 2 Hz/28 V DC ± 5%
ON/OFF control Key Lock switch
Power Consumption 45 W at power ON during warmup for about
20 mins 35 W during continuous operation
Ethernet 3 Ports – 1Gbps for NTP(v2,v3,v4)/PTP [IEEE - 1588 v2]
PPS 2 1-PPS to 10 MPPS output
Frequency O/P 10 MHz at LVTTL, stability 5 x 10-12
when locked to GNSS or 2 X 10-11 during holdover
IRIG-B I/P 1 No(AM Code) ( Factory Configurable )
IRIG-B O/P 8 Nos
* AM/DCLS (Factory Configurable)
* B122, B12x (x: Configurable)
Configuration Port 1 RS-232 port for System Configuration
1 RS-232 port for GNSS Data
Reference Clock - High Precision Rubidium*
Stability Short term stability > 3 X10-11 / Sec
Long term stability > 2 X 10-11 / Day
Temp stability better than 0.1 ppb over
temp range: -20°C to +60°C
Time for Phase locking 10 - 20 Mins
Jitter of Disciplined PPS ± 50 ps
Holdover Accuracy The holdover accuracy shall be about 1 µsec
for one day under below condition.
1. After the warm up time of high precision
Rubidium Oscillator*, the system should be locked
to GPS for a minimum of 24 hours
2. System shall operate in a room temperature
environment with temperature variation of ± 2°C.
Active antenna GPS GLONASS, IRNSS active antenna 40 dB gain
Antenna cable LMR 400 cable, 20 m length (optional)
Power splitter 40 W, 1:2 power splitter (optional)
Slide rail Slide rail for 1 U rack
Mounting brackets Antenna mounting brackets
Mechanical Details
Size 19 inch 1 U Rack
Weight About 6.5 Kg
Reference Clock - OCXO*
Stability · 2X10e-12 Avg over 24 hour when GPS Locked
· 5X10e-10/day or 5X10e-9/month or 5X10e-8/year
Time for Phase locking 10-20Mins
Jitter of Disciplined PPS ± 50 ps
Protocols / Software
Protocols · NTP V2,V3,V4     · SNTP V3,V4
· PTP-IEEE-1588V2     · SNMP V1,V2,V3
NTP client software NTP client for windows 7, 8, XP platform LINUX
32 bits / 64 bits support
Monitoring software PC based software to monitor GNSS parameters
Display and Keypad Specifications
Display LCD / Vacuum Fluorescent Display
Indication UTC and RTC time, GNSS fix, IRNSS, No. of GPS
Satellites, No. of GLONASS Satellites.
LED’s to Indicate Activity, GNSS Fix, SYNC, Holdover & Power LED
KEYPAD Navigation keys along with menu keys
Ordering Guide
Rubidium SAFESYNC-V3TS1U- R [ with Rubidium ] & GPS/GLONASS
OCXO SAFESYNC-V3TS1U- O - nAVIC[ with OCXO ] & IRNSS L5 + S - Band
Rubidium SAFESYNC-V3TS1U- R - nAVIC[ with Rubidium ] & IRNSS L5 + S - Band

Refer Ordering Guide

Refer Ordering Guide


72 Channels multi GNSS Engine


Anti-Spoofing and Anti-Jamming detect features

10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps NTP / PTP Server

Synchronization over Ethernet

Highly stable OCXO / Rubidium Oscillator ( Optinal )

Programmable pulse per second

<1μs per day holdover accuracy ( Optinal )

GPS / GLONASS Monitoring Software (RHEL and Windows)

Customized for Industrial, Telecom, Defence applications