Sat Power

Sat Power

V3 Novus power supply unit ( SAT-POWER ) Capable of taking both DC input voltage and single phase AC input voltage. AC/DC input will be used to operate the power supply. It will provide three types of DC outputs voltage ( +12VDC, +24VDC and +48VDC ). The unit combines two products in one: AC / DC conversion and power distribution. The unit is designed in the 350mm x 270mm x 105mm ( LxWxH )form factor. The power distribution unit will be used in outdoor harsh environment and it will be suitable for high altitude of upto 5500m. The PSU unit comes with TCP/IP, Web based and RJ45 compliant, which enables remote monitoring of all eight outputs status, input status, temperature status. This makes the PSU ideal for ground applications.

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Electrical Specifications

Environmental Specifications as per JSS55555

Environmental Specifications as per JSS55555
EMI / EMC Specifications as per MIL STD461F

Mechanical Specifications

Mechanical Specifications

Connector Details, Switch & Indicators

J1 : Input Connector

J3 : Output Connector

J2 : Ethernet Connector

1x Power switch

1x AC Power input indicator

1x DC Power input indicator

1x DC Power output indicator

1x AC fuse

1x DC fuse

1x Earth Lug