Our Business Partners

Set up in 2008 V3Novus Software Distribution division has been able to achieve excellence in the field of distribution and marketing through strategic planning and highly competitive executives. We are value-added partners of Industry giants such as Microsoft Corp., Oracle, and Novell in their distribution and technical support activities. We are also authorized dealers of SCO, Sybase and Informix. Being licensed importers we also import software that are not available in the country for our clients. We have a strong team of technical support executives to support our marketing team and provide our customers with value additions and provide customized solutions.

Being Licenced Importers and Exporters, V3Novus also Imports software on behalf of its clients. V3Novus is also value added reseller of various U.S. based companies such as Source Dynamics,, Shunra Software, Niwot Networks, Metroworks Inc. and Verio Inc.

Our Partners are