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Board Design and Development

V3 Novus with years of knowledge and experience in reliable Hardware Design can offer design and development services High speed digital, for High precision analog and mixed signal, from elementary boards to high-end complex sub systems.

V3 Novus ability to not only design the product but to also manufacture them from first Prototypes, Pilot and Mass Production requirements.

We are expertise in designing standard boards such as cPCI, VME, VPX, COMe, etc.

Our Portfolio of Board Design is as Follows:

High Density & Complex Digital

High Precision Analog & Mixed Signal

Power Supplies

RF Designs

Backplane Modules

Board Design and Development

Software Design Services

Software Development team is core strength of V3 Novus that continuously updates itself to the Latest technologies to deliver products for today and tomorrow.

The Core team is mixed of experienced professionals and young talented upcoming professionals, trained in their respective specialized domains making up a world class team.

Our Software Team Domain Expertise:

Firmware Development

Board Support Package

Application Software Development

Device Driver Development

Algorithm Development

Software Design Services

PCB Design Services

PCB’s are the heart of the Modern Electronics, with increasing complexity of modern electronic circuits, the demand for specialists in PCB design technologies is now a most essential.

Over the years of research and study, V3 Novus are well equipped with the modern cutting edge technologies of layout designing and signal integrity using latest tools.

Our High-Density boards capabilities may involve more than 20 layers, High Speed design of 6Gbps using advanced PCB design technologies, high-density inter- connects and high-pin-count FPGAs.

Our team is thoroughly trained and experienced in designing High-density Rugged Digital, Analog, RF, IF and Power supply Boards using MIL Grade standards.

Design features include:

Signal Integrity analysis

Differential Signals – length matching

High Speed signals – Signal Integrity


Clock Routing –Signal Integrity Analysis

Planar Transformer design

Power Supply – High Current Planes and Vias

Thermal Plane for uniform Heat transfer

CAD Platforms:

Altium Designer

Cadence Allegro



PCB Design Services

Product Design Services

V3 Novus offers most comprehensive range of products, providing solutions from COTS modules to rack system integration.

We offer products for use in multiple domains including Rugged Military Electronics, Military Simulators, Railways and Industrial Automation.

We are one of the Young Indian Companies, in the development of advanced product design, world class thermal and environmental protections which meets the Global Industrial and Military Standards.

Our portfolio of products can be categorized as follows:


Time Synchronization Systems

Rugged Displays

Rugged Computer & Subsystems

Advanced weapon Simulators

Power Supply

IOT Gateways and Data loggers

Industrial Media Converters

Telemetric Weather Station

Product Design Services

Mechanical Product Design

When we consider “Great design” the first thing that usually comes to mind is Aesthetics, perhaps closely followed by function or usability.

We believe that great design goes beyond desirability and extends to the product lifecycle.

We offer product design for Air & Conduction-cooled enclosures, large rack systems & consoles.

Our expertise includes thermal analysis, often with the need to meet MIL-STD specification, Thermal Design for Electronic Cooling Covers, Conduction Heat Transfer, Analysis and Flow analysis for identifying Hot Spots in PCB.

Our Structural Analysis expertise involves:

Thermal & Stress Analysis

Vibration and shock Analysis

Shock and Bump Fixture

Compatibility with standard vibration tables

Easy Manufacturability.

Mechanical Product Design